I am a product designer and former video producer currently working on an app I co-founded called, Fontmoji. I also consult and do freelance UX/UI or product strategy work when I have availability; so contact me of you have a project you need help with!

Product Strategy: I work with my clients to turn their ideas into products. I find the product-market fit and devise a plan to create something that is sticky, has the highest possible chance of success and achieves their vision. This includes: Competitor analysis, market research, feature matrix, product roadmaps, etc.

Project Management: As a former Product Manager at SWARM and VP of Product at PhoneWagon, keeping projects on time and organized was part of my responsibility. I worked to create a timeline with clear milestones, well defined sprint plans and maintained complete transparency throughout the team.

UX Design: I design user experiences for web and mobile products that are intuitive and enjoyable while keeping the user in mind. I like to keep my designs minimal yet full of style, familiar yet totally unique. This may include: Site maps, user stories, personas, user journeys, wireframes, prototypes, etc. 

Interface Design: I create interfaces for web and mobile that are clean and modern while maintaining usability at all times. I believe in a 'less is more' approach to design and believe design is done not when there is nothing more to add, but nothing left to take away. 


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